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Brooklyn Chase is that girl next door you always wanted to bang. She's a sultry brunette with a crazy body and plump 32-double-Ds that are just begging to be fondled. Porn, and we, are better for having her in our midst!

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One of the most beautiful women in porn today, always excited to see her pop up in a new scene!!!
2019-03-31 00:27
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brooklyn... nearly no scenes of her and now you can forget it. i don't know what life did to her, but she looks sh*t now. especially regarding how hold she is (about 30/31). she looks like a 45 cheap slut. and her beautiful tits from her early years: gone... so sad and.. strange
2019-02-09 14:23
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Please more from this beautifull lady, she's incredible!
2016-07-16 00:09
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Do blow bangs with Brooklyn. Cover that face in jizz.
2016-05-15 17:02
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so glad shes here finally. i would do anything to have my dick in between her two titties!!
2016-05-05 23:58
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