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Pretty brunette Gia Paige has had her youthful good looks making hot impressions on the Internet as a Suicide Girl. As a promiscuous girl, she enjoys working in porn.

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Gia Paige needs to return to the XEmpire!! She is so gorgeous, is wonderfully voluptuous and has an awesome vivacious personality. Almost 2 years away is way too long for someone this stunning!! Please have her back soon!!
Also, please, please, please consider Gia for Facialized #7!!! She'd be so much fun to see take on 10 guys and have her gorgeous face completely covered in cum!!!
2019-05-29 00:17
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Gia Paige for Facialized!! Starting the campaign here and hope it can become a reality!! She is a true stunner with a perfect body!! Need more of here and I can think of nothing better than seeing her beautiful face covered in as many loads as possible!!
2018-09-23 14:32
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