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Katya Rodriguez

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Lovely teen Katya has small firm tits, tight firm butt and an angelic face. She likes cock and is willing to do anything more than once. Anything else needs to be said?


Katya Rodriguez is an underrecognized underappreciated underpromoted gem of an adult performer. She is super cute and hyper sexual, both great traits by themselves, a thousand times better combined. She does great work boy/girl and girl/girl. She would be amazing in some LesbianX scenes, including squirting themed. LesbianX, I'm begging you...Please book her for some scenes and Please pair her with some equally exciting talent. Thank You.
2019-11-30 22:15
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Katya is a beauty, but PLEASE cast her in a normal, vaginal G/B scene without squirting!
2018-05-22 13:00
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Great blowjob-beautiful, sexy new girl-hot body-would like to see her get THROATED by two guys!
2016-12-01 16:37
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