Carly Parker


Description Tits! Tits! Tits! Massive tits!!! Big, heavy, suckable tits!! Carly Parker has BEEEEEE-YOU-TEE-FUL bouncing boisterous boobies! The way those puppies stuff her college jersey and overflow out of it, could just make ya drool!! If that girl was standing in front of me, my hands would have an uncontrollable magnetism to them! Carly and I would be standing there having a nice girly conversation, gigglin\' about nails and whatever - and all of sudden my hands would be planted square on her tits, giving \'em a little squeeze!! She\'d look at me like \'what are you doing?\' and I would be like a deer in headlights, stunned at what to say! -C\'mon!!!! I ain\'t a man!! When a chick like me does something like that, there\'s gonna be an awkward silence there!!! But, whatever! FUCK IT!!! Those breasts look so firm yet squishy; it would all be totally worth it!! So, Carly\'s knockers are not the only feature here, ladies and gentlemen!! Her pink little pussy is plenty tight! And that punani stays wet all scene!! In addition, Carly could earn her rights as a Throater \'cause she can take that cock all the way down!! \'NUFF said! This co-ed will certainly make her way through college with all THOSE skills!!!

Sucks and Giggles,



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