Freya's A Giving Girl


Nineteen-year-old Freya Parker is a giver. Getting men off, gets her off. Freya studies stud Mick Blue's body language while she's giving him head, intent on providing the best blowjob--and she delivers!

You can see the string from her fucking tampon all through the tease ... come the hell on already.
2021-06-25 20:07
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Why would that bother you?
2021-06-28 01:20
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Let me guess, you're into period play huh?

I'm not.

How often are tampons and tampon strings shown in porn?

They're not.

If they show up it's a gaffe, an error, a fuckup. When brought to their attention on Wow Girls, in a photo set, what did they do? They edited it out. Props to a solid company, there.

I think the puzzle is starting to reveal itself as to why all the women are more often than not clothed, or just topless, on Blowpass - it's the place the women go to film when they're on their periods and are otherwise unavailable to shoot. Some may have very heavy flows, hence the pants all the time.

And that's a massive turn off, and also a big time blow to the value of this membership - knowing you're not likely to see nude women, especially if those puzzle pieces are starting to fit together and it's nothing but a lineup of menstruating women blowing dudes, keeping their pants on to hide it.
2021-06-28 10:52
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I don't know I found it kind of sexy.
2021-06-30 13:13
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A great scene with a disappointing final cumhsot, which is pretty common with Mick Blue these days. We need some younger men who can actually produce semen.
2021-06-25 13:46
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