Judy's Tantalizing Twist



Judy Jolie loves juicy dicks and she knows how to handle them. Back to Throated for round two, Judy demonstrates her tantalizing 'twist' move on Mick Blue's rock solid rod.

another weak old man cum shot. the girls (and viewers) deserve better!
2021-08-02 20:02
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so hot when she gets that cock rubbed all over her face. would like to see more though
2021-04-23 05:21
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God, it's ridiculous how much clear spit she produces. I know it's a weird thing to focus on, but I really love that part of her performance!
2021-04-03 04:12
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I'd like a chance to see more of the woman:

- a nice intro tease from her would be great, or more of it. What would five extra minutes cost you? Already on set, everything in place - just have her put on a striptease, shake her ass, twerk, get naked, dynamic movement.

- during the actual face fucking and oral, it'd be great to get some more side views with the camera, or other angles, that lets us see more of the woman's body.

And lastly you might consider having the makeup get runny more naturally - it's quite clear when you have the model smear it, usually head hanging off the couch oral and you'll take the camera off her up to the man playing with her pussy for a second, you'll go back and her makeup is then smeared all over her face.

Be way hotter if it happened naturally.

Enjoying the site! Throated is great. I like how the males keep generally quite during the scene, you keep the males faces out of it, and the focus i on the woman. (Just want to see a bit more of her than just her face.)
2021-03-19 22:27
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