Lola's Luscious Lickdown


Lola Fae loves to suck cock, and she isn't shy about shoving Mick Blue's dick deep down her throat. Lola begs for Mick's cum and he fills her up nice.

Great deepthroat part when she was on top, more like that
2021-04-13 18:36
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This was quite good, I liked it. Earns a Thumbs Up from me.

Lola is very sexy, her nipples are big and thick, love that. When we got to see them she has great feet too. Love the tease portions and the into masturbation portions, though as usual I think they could be extended - only a twenty minute scene, what's it cost to go ahead and make it a twenty-five minute scene with some more tease/masturbation?

Good blowjob section, Lola handles her business well. Only thing about that portion is finding a few more camera angles/ways to show off more of her body during it, like to see more of her body than just her face predominately.

I very much liked her outfit, the nice and rich color, and I very much like the matching blue rug/carpeting on the floor - really like that sort of thing.
2021-04-09 12:18
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Maybe im alone here but I dont like the smeared mascara thing. great video otherwise.
2021-04-09 01:11
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Not a fan either, personally, though I now some love it. If I'd have my druthers they'd let it happen naturally if it happens, as is, it's exacerbated purposefully.
2021-04-09 07:38
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I think it fake as you said. Or else they would show the process of mascaring dropping. But they just cut it and from nowhere she has mascara over herself. I think its bit hot, but it depends on the actress, scene and sometimes mood. I do think they should showed if mascara fell. Would easier to belive. Mby did on the others ones, but not this one at least. i like blowpass but i wish they had more different d size and colored guys. Aswell try to get scenes with higher tier pornstars like Riley reid, Lexi belle, Mia Malkova, ect
2021-04-17 22:34
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This girl is amazing for sure.
2021-04-09 00:40
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