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Sasha Grey


May I present to you: Sasha Grey!!! We\'ve had a little tasting of her on ShareMyCock and xxxPillowTalk. Hell, her performance on ShareMyCock was incredible! But now...NOW we get to see her in full-swing ACTION!!! Sasha enjoys this whole sex thing way too much! She wastes NO time getting into that dude\'s pants and we can see just why!! She opens her mouth and immediately takes his entire dick straight down her throat!!! Geez, she must\'ve been hungry...that\'s why she couldn\'t wait!! See, I know these things...I\'ve been that hungry for cock before, too!! It\'s almost like if I don\'t get my man meat, I\'ll DIE!! I\'d also be jumping down the first pair of pants I came close to, begging \\'I want you to fuck my face!!\\' So, after Sasha gets fed her round meal, she receives a MIND-BLOWING pounding all scene!! WoW!!! Choking, screaming, ass slapping, hammered-raw pink pussy, bouncing firm butt cheeks, filthy mouth: Sasha Grey certainly works her magic for us!!! She gives us 110% of herself and I would have to give her an A++ for her fucking ability!! Damn is she HoT!! Throated is NEXT!!!

Getting Cock-hungrier by the minute,

Neecie, 1000Facials Team Member


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Sasha Grey A+++ . She loves sucking cock
2020-12-05 20:06
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