Karma RX



Big tit, tattoed babe Karma RX gets her throat fucked by Mick Blue!!

Karma is fantastic! Outstanding POV sloppy BJ scene! More please!
2022-09-16 11:37
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I have no idea how this clip became one of the most viewed. Normally I can't take my eyes off Karma, or her huge tits, but this was the most boring BJ I've seen on this site so far. There was nothing special about it at all, and like someone else mentioned, the camera angles were just predictable. I know there is a formula and it is mostly followed on every clip. Idk. Nothing against the actors, it's not their fault.
2022-09-02 01:30
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Karma Rx, Mick Blue_s01_Karma RX_4k (2022)

They've been getting lazy with the video titles again.
2022-08-29 13:29
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I really would like to mention, WE SERIOUSLY need some new camera angles. For months now, there's only 3 maybe 4 different cameras angles per scene and they're ALWAYS the SAME angles being reused, over and over again.

We need a change up and some more innovation! A lot of the videos seem stale due to the repetitive reused camera angles and the same positions the girls are in, with no new adaptation.

I really hope to see more POV close ups, side angles when the girls are on their hands and knees, new positions being implemented, maybe even a change of scenery from time to time, more scenes with girls getting way messier and facefucked, etc.

Overall, I still love Throated, but it seriously needs some small changes here and there! Too much of the same stuff gets repetitive and boring.
2022-08-27 03:46
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If its going to be just this cunt forever i won't buy a new subscription, this guy is just ass
2022-08-12 07:42
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That's what I'm saying. Bring in some new male performers. I don't know if they have an exclusive contract with him, but it really kills the excitement for new updates. His cock is kinda skinny and featureless (if that makes sense lol). What's Bruce Venture up to these days? Get him on this site.
2022-08-31 06:13
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